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Class Action Lawsuits in Houston, TX

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Class action lawsuits occur when multiple people with similar claims form together to sue a person/company/organization. Instead of filing a claim individually, these people group together to file a lawsuit and sue the negligent or reckless organization. Whether the class action lawsuit is filed against a company for discrimination issues, a product that caused harm to multiple people, or for another serious issue, Shepherd & Associates can help initiate your case and assist you with building a strong defense against the company at fault. By speaking with a Houston class action lawyer at our firm, you can learn more about your options and get started with an aggressive stance.

Building a Strong Defense Against Your Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits are extremely useful when multiple people are filing the same claim against a company. It is a way for people to band together and get the compensation they deserve from the larger and more intimidating organizations. Having a group of individuals makes it more difficult for these companies to strike down the claims being brought against them. It also makes it more likely that the organization will alter their business practices or ways of treating their employees.

Different types of class action lawsuits may involve:

  • Product defects;
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace;
  • Contamination or pollution practices;
  • Sex discrimination;
  • Unsafe pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Bank misconduct; and
  • Other forms of mistreatment or faulty practices.

We can provide you with the knowledge and tools to file a proper lawsuit, build a strong defense against your case, and make sure your rights stay protected throughout the process.

Speak with a Harris County attorney about your class action lawsuit today!

If you are involved with a class action lawsuit or need assistance getting started, Shepherd & Associates can help. We attorney understand the importance of getting you the compensation you deserve and are determined to provide you with exceptional counsel. When more than one individual is filing a claim, we see it as an opportunity to build an aggressive and effective defense against the company who failed to follow safety codes, treat their employees appropriately, or took advantage of their power.

Oftentimes larger corporations focus on the amount of money they are making and less about the ethics of their practice or the way they treat their employees. Our job as a law firm in Harris County is to protect those who have been wronged by these larger companies. At Shepherd & Associates, we can help give these individuals a stronger voice and a better chance at being heard. Call a Harris County class action lawyer to discuss your options and get started with effective and tireless legal representation!

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