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Apart from estate planning and probate, our firm is proud to assist clients with other complex areas of the law. At Shepherd & Associates, we have the tools and knowledge needed to represent cases involving insurance claims, personal injury, bank misconduct, and class action lawsuits. If you are handling legal issues pertaining to any of the abovementioned areas, do not hesitate to speak with our firm about filing a claim and getting the compensation you are entitled to. We can set you up with a free phone consultation in which you can understand more about our services involving:

Insurance Claims
If you have been injured or are dealing with damages due to a hurricane or disaster incident, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Handling a traumatic experience is already overwhelming enough, let alone trying to get the money you need for the injuries and damages that have occurred. Our attorney can assist you with filing a proper claim and getting started on the path towards peace of mind.

Personal Injury
When one person is injured because of the negligence or distraction of another, this is known as a personal injury case. Whether you have been injured because of a texting driver or slipped on the floor of a building that violated certain safety codes, our law firm can help. We are determined to assist you with getting the compensation you deserve for your medical and nonmedical expenses involved.

Bank Misconduct
Unlike the days of small and personal banks, today's society is filled with larger banks and corporations that do not always have the best interests of their customers in mind. If you feel that your bank is misusing their power or taking advantage of the system, Attorney Shepherd can help. He is dedicated to protecting your rights and making sure that your hard-earned money is handled properly.

Class Action Lawsuits
When multiple individuals intend to file a claim against a business or corporation and instead establish a combined lawsuit, this is known as a class action lawsuit. This can involve mistreatment in the workplace, a similar injury that several people suffered from and so forth. If compensation is recovered from the injuries that occurred, the group/class of people will split the money that is recovered.

Need assistance filing a claim in Harris County, TX?

At Shepherd & Associates, our priority is to simplify the lives of our clients and steer them toward an end result that is in their best interests. Whether you wish to file a claim against a drunk driver or perhaps against a large corporation, now is the time to discuss your options with a qualified claims attorney in Harris County. Our firm is committed to protecting your rights and making sure that you get the deserved compensation for the injuries or damages that occurred. Call a Houston personal injury lawyer to begin your case with someone that can continue to keep your best interests in mind!

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