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Create a Binding Will or Trust with a Houston Estate Planning Lawyer

People often shy away from creating a will or a trust because they do not believe they have a big enough estate or enough assets to do so. It is important to understand, however, that your home and any other item you own is considered a part of your estate. By creating a will or trust with an experienced Houston estate planning lawyer, you can make sure your property gets passed down exactly how you want it to. Whether a second wife, step children, or any other loved one is involved, these documents can help you make sure that the people you love stay protected. At Shepherd & Associates, we are determined to provide you with the knowledge needed to create a Will or Trust that is in your best interests.

The Benefits of Creating a Will

A will, also known as a "last will and testament," acts as a set of instructions when you pass away. Without a will, your estate is passed down through the inheritance laws in Texas. These laws put the court in charge and they become responsible for appointing a guardian for your minor children, passing down your property to your loved ones and so forth. By creating a will, you are able to specify:

  • Exactly how and to whom you want your assets distributed to;
  • The name of a guardian for your minor children;
  • The name of a trusted individual to watch over the property of your minor children; and
  • The name of Executor to carry out your requests and handle your affairs.

Our clients also have the option of creating a will and a "pour-over will." With a pour-over will, when the testator dies, the probate assets that pass through a will then pour-over into the trust that the decedent set up during life, thereby offering more flexibility than having a will alone.

The Benefits of Creating a Trust

A trust, also referred to as a " revocable living trust," is identified as an invisible container that holds various assets for your beneficiaries (the ones inheriting these assets). A trustee, which is oftentimes the trust creator, is appointed to watch over the assets of the trust. It is important to understand that if an asset is not transferred into the terms of the trust, then it is not included in the trust. The multiple benefits of creating this type of legal document include:

  • It does not go through the costly and time-consuming probate process;
  • The distribution of the assets in a trust remain a private affair; and
  • Special needs trusts allow children to inherit property without it affecting government assistance.

Are you interested in creating a will or trust with a Harris County, TX attorney?

Whether you want to get started in creating one of these legal documents or you are interested in learning more about them, a Harris County estate planning attorney can help. Our law firm understands the importance of keeping you and your loved ones protected and we want to equip you with the necessary resources to do so. Our goal is to identify your unique situation and guide you through the legal processes involved. Let us help you live a stress free life in knowing that your future is well-protected. Call Shepherd & Associates at your earliest convenience!

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