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Guardianships are created in order to protect incapacitated individuals and minor children. If you are in need of creating a guardianship for your child or wish to be elected as the guardian of a loved one, now is the time to speak with a Houston estate planning attorney about your options. It is important to understand what a guardianship is as well as the responsibilities that are involved. At Shepherd & Associates, our lawyer has more than 36 years of experience and is committed to making the legal process involved as simple as possible for you.

Guardianship for a Minor Child

When minor children are involved, it is important to establish a guardianship in Houston, TX. In doing so, the parent(s) can make sure that a trusted individual steps in and cares for their child if they were to pass away or become unable to do so. This can be incorporated into the terms of the parent's last will and testament. If a guardianship is not established however, it is important to know that the court in Texas becomes responsible for appointing a guardian. The problem with this is that the court may appoint a guardian that does not have the child's best interests in mind.

Guardianship for an Incapacitated or Disabled Adult

When an adult becomes incapacitated or disabled and cannot make important decisions on their behalf, the court then appoints someone as the guardian of the person as well as someone as the guardian of the estate. One person can be appointed as the guardian of the person and estate, as long as they accept both responsibilities. The guardian of a person is responsible for caring for the incapacitated individual, taking care of their daily activities, their shelter and so forth. A guardian of the estate is held responsible for watching over the property of the disabled individual. When a court appoints someone however, they may not appoint someone who has their best interests in mind. Our Houston estate planning lawyer can assist you with creating a living will that can help you stay in control and specify your exact health care wishes if you become unable to verbally to do.

Learn More About Guardianships with a Harris County Estate Planning Lawyer

As a Harris County resident looking to understand more about guardianships in Texas, Shepherd & Associates is here for you. Not only can we inform you more about the different types of guardianships, but we can also help you create an effective guardianship for your minor children. This way you can rest assured that you children will stay protected: even when you become unable to watch over them. If you are looking to be appointed as a guardian or have been requested to do so, we can also help with these legal issues. Contact Shepherd & Associates to speak with a Harris County estate planning lawyer who is determined to make your life easier!

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